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I have been involved in the metal detecting hobby since 1968, when I signed up as a Garrett Metal Detector Dealer. I went from a metal detector sales 'as-a-sideline' to our R.V. business, to being a full time Metal Detector Store-Front Dealer in 1989.

I purchase used metal detectors, and, I take used metal detectors in on trade.
PHONE 269-685-1776

TESTED & TUNED "A-1" USED METAL DETECTORS    In Stock     Call to order!
Remember, there is no better used detector, than a used Michigan detector, because of our long winters and short treasure hunting season!


The Extreme Pulse Detector!!
Great for Prospecting, Relic Hunting or Deep Cache Hunting!
This package was headed for the Alaskan Gold Fields when the owner's health took a bad turn.
It includes every available option including all three coils,  three complete lower stems, standard coil covers, full relic coil covers, recharge system, military grade hard case, Garrett sling, Waterproof to 10 feet, comes with land headphones with waterproof plug. Unregistered full factory warranty. $ 2,700.00

2015 Whites V3i
 With cordless headphones, recharge system, in like new condition with one year factory warranty.

$ 1,150.00

2008 Whites 5900 DI SL
This is a beautiful, fully analog, V.L.F. phase- delay motion discriminator with  a T.R. non-motion mode. This is a deep old-school detector with a surprisingly fast recovery speed! This was the height of the 6000 Coinmaster technology!
ONLY $300.00

2015 Garrett Infinium  LS! Land and Sea! Includes: Standard land headphones, dual coils, recharge system, near mint condition with warranty!
Only $850.00
It can be upgraded to also include dive headphones for additional $95.00

So you want a good water hunting detector for surf hunting . . . one that is splashproof? Worried about taking your high dollar land machine in the water? This is the detector for you! The same frequency of the legendary Fisher Aquanaut, a proven coin and gold ring finder!
I took this detector in trade knowing the on/off switch needed to be replaced. One thing lead to another and when I was done it was also rewired! Even the bridge wire is new and it was fixed right!
This detector has the circuitry and 2- 9-volt batteries in the earphones! They will withstand wet hands and rain, but not for diving.
ONLY $275.00

Three coil Pro Package

This is the finest high-end Bounty Hunter detectors ever built! It is loaded with many features usually only found on the best metal detectors!

Includes the 10 inch coil for deep coins and relics

Includes the the 8 inch coil for general all purpose hunting !

Includes the 4 inch gold nugget coil for nugget shooting or
hunting in high trash areas!

Included custom headphones with 1/4 jack wired for this detector!
ONLY $250.00 !!!

2014 Teknetics DELTA 4000 Pro Package (dual coil & headphones)
I am freshening up my floor demo detectors. This detector has never been used in the field and was used for my floor display. This detector has full warranty.
This is a State-Of-The-Art ground cancel phase delay motion discriminator!
1. Target ID with Target Number Assignment
2. Target Tone Assignment  Iron = Low Tone, U.S. Nickels & Gold = Mid Tone, Coins = High Tone
3. Changing Pitch Audio (V.C.O.) Pinpoint = The pitch changes as target approaches coil center
4. Multiple Notch Discrimination
5. Very User Friendly!
6. Only 2.5 pounds with battery!
7. Includes 8 inch waterproof spider coil & 10 inch relic coil
8. Includes New Headphones with volume control                       ONLY  $249.00

I am freshening up my floor demo detectors. This detector has never been used in the field and was used for my floor display. This detector has full warranty.
This is a State-Of-The-Art ground cancel phase delay motion discriminator!
1. Target ID with Target Number Assignment
2. 4 Target Tone Assignment: Iron =Low Tone, U.S. Nickels & Gold = Mid Tone, Coins = High Tone
3. Changing Pitch Audio (V.C.O.) Pinpoint = The pitch changes as target approaches coil center
4. Multiple Notch Discrimination
5. Very User Friendly!
6. Only 2.8 pounds with battery!
7. Frequency Shift                                           ONLY $349.00

2013 Fisher F-2 with 8 inch spider coil in near mint condition!
1. Target ID
2. Target Number Assignment
3. Tone ID
4. Depth Reading When Pinpointing
5. Open Spider Style Waterproof Search Coil
6. Exceptional Depth (even in highly mineralized soil)
7. Multiple Notch Discrimination
8. Full Time Battery Monitoring
  ONLY    $150.00

This is one of the most underestimated of all the entry level metal detectors. The Fisher F-2 has taken a back-seat to other detectors that simply are not as deep! I have used a F-2 in Michigan's Iron County with excellent results!
It has a fast recovery speed making it good in high-trash areas as well!
The perfect back-up detector or great for beginners - - - but do not sell it short! It will find the goodies!

Beautiful Old School Treasure Hunter!
Garrett Ground Hog 15 kHz A.D.S.

When I took this detector in trade, it was covered in dust and I didn't know for sure if it would work. I was surprised to find it fired up, but it needed a good interior house-cleaning! I went inside and cleaned, and adjusted, all of the tuners, switches and plugs, and now it works like new! I may have sold it new.
 The original owner scratched his name and driver's license number on the outside, but it is barely noticeable.
This detector is a combination V.L.F. Ground Cancel in "All-Metals" and a "Transmit-Receive" (T.R.)
non-motion discrimination detector. Charles Garrett was convinced that the phase response (V.L.F. Motion Discrimination) detectors would never catch on so he stubbornly stuck with this technology up to the early 80's. The Ground Hog was the 15 kHz machine that was the detector platform that ultimately lead up to today's Legendary Garrett AT Pro. In the trash reject T.R. mode it will not require motion, and it will flat-out reject small iron, and still pick out gold and silver next to iron! My intention is to sell this as a collectable.   SHARP! ONLY $200.00

Sun Ray Stealth X-12 Minelab FBS Coil
This coil is slightly used, but in perfect condition. This coil is far superior to the aftermarket NEL coils being offered (based on feedback I have been getting.)
This coil comes with a coil cover.
This will fit the MINELAB EXPLORER AND E-TRAC models.

ONLY $160.00

MINELAB FBS (Explorer & E-Trac)
Has a more cone shaped field pattern making it great for high trash conditions and easier to pinpoint with. The mono coil will have a slightly deeper search but to take advantage the user must overlap sweeps. Coiltek coils come with coil covers but they seal the cover with a white tape which I tried to replace without much luck but it will work fine. This coil is in near perfect condition!

ONLY $160.00

We stock Garrett Pro-Pointers, White's Bull's Eye II, White's Bullseye-TRX, Sunray In-line  Pinpointers, Makro Pin-Pointer . . . . IN STOCK

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Pro Stock Metal Detectors stocks a large selection of digging tools, sand scoops, long handle water hunting scoops, Probes,
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PROSPECTING EQUIPMENTgold pans, sluice boxes, classifiers

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Take Exit 49-B, 1/8 mile west of  U.S. 131 (Otsego Allegan Exit)
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