SUSAN MARBLE found it!
        She found the greatest treasure that can be found on this planet!
Does that mean that you should stop looking? No! Of course not! There is a cache of  this  treasure FOR YOU , prepared almost two thousand years ago.

        Was it stolen loot?  No!  It's a treasure  richer than all the plundered gold and silver ever hoarded. Was it a KINGS RANSOM?  No it was YOUR RANSOM ! paid for by a KING.

         Without finding this treasure, you are being held captive!  Could it be  you have never experienced freedom?  Oh,  you think that you are free, as I, too, thought I was free. The truth is, you are shackled and languishing in the dark, damp, cold dungeon of sin! You are separated from real freedom and real life, life like you never dreamed.

        The treasure you seek is not blood money but it was a payment made with blood. It was a payment made by the only blood ever spilled onto this earth's soil that came from a perfect sinless God Man.

        Did they force Him to pay your ransom? Did they march Him to his execution with prodding spears? Well, perhaps the soldiers thought they were in control -- but He was.

        His pain was great. His face dripped with His blood and sweat mingled with the spit of the mocking mob. Oh how simple  it would be for him to vanish and be far removed from the task at hand. What kept him focused through all the pain and anguish?   YOU DID!

        He knew that you would need Him:  all  you could offer for your ransom was far short of  that demanded.  He knew the only acceptable payment was death!  For you to make that payment would mean separation forever from God! It would mean an eternity spent in everlasting torment!

        Being without sin of his own to pay for ---- He could pay for yours and mine.  Unlike you and me, death could not hold Him. He could triumphantly escape death's angry hold.

        His plan was perfect! He carried it out to a perfect finish. And sure enough, death could not grip him. His power was too great. Now this treasure of redemption lies before you offered as a gift. A priceless treasure offered in love-- it is not forced. You must accept it by faith.

        Why not make us earn it?

        There is nothing we could do to merit this great treasure! We could spend our lives trying (and failing) and not even produce the down-payment. I'm sorry,  you have naught to offer:  not gold, silver, labor or deeds of heroism.

        Yes it's true without this great gift you are hopelessly lost, completely undone. You don't even have  within you the power to clean up your act!  To accept this great treasure you need to cry out to Him, pleading for forgivness, and to come to Him in your current state.

        Why did Jesus say that 'narrow was the gate to salvation and few would find it?' The riddle is easy to solve! The path to this treasure is too easy! Man in his pride feels the need to provide something-- provide something for salvation that he has done. He wants to take care of matters his own way. Oh, it sounds so good but it leads to failure and destruction.

        Only the treasure that Susan Marble found will work.

What can wash away your sin? .............................Nothing but the blood of Jesus! What can make you whole again? ........................ Nothing but the blood of Jesus! Oh precious is the flow--- that can wash you white as snow...........................
                         NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD OF JESUS!

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