By Allan Holden                                all rights reserved

     Another amazing ring recovery story was about a couple who purchased their first
detectors from me almost 30 years ago. This husband and wife team fell in love with
this great hobby! Every few years they would upgrade their detectors, all the while
finding many lost items. Many times they were asked to help recover things for other people.

    Then one day it occurred to them, “Why not recover something precious that we have lost!”

     The year was 1949 and these adventurous young newlyweds had left the Kalamazoo
area on their way to Niagara Falls in New York State for their honeymoon. They were
traveling on his old Harley Davison motorcycle.

    Suddenly, without warning, on a country road intersection, a speeding motorist ran a
stop sign, hitting the bike! The seriously injured young riders and their mangled bike were
thrown into a field. They spent months in a hospital recovering from many broken bones
and internal injuries. The accident very nearly took her life!

     Over  35 years later, and for the first time, the couple returned to the scene of that
horrible crash. This time their mission was to find a wedding ring that was lost in the
accident!  They wondered what the crash scene would look like today.

       Would there be a building standing on that corner lot? Would there be a
parking lot covered with blacktop?

        Amazingly, it was just as it was so many years earlier!  Searching the area,
they soon found evidence which indicated many other accidents had occurred at
the intersection since then! Pieces of chrome trim, broken pieces of tail light lenses
all indicated  something had happened there quite recently.

    The area was loaded with small metal trash!  Small broken pot-metal pieces, foil
and bottle caps, smashed, buried beer cans were abundant. Very little discrimination
could be used because the thin gold band holding a small diamond could easily be ignored.
They dug and dug everything and anything that made their detectors beep, piling the
trash into plastic pails.

    After two solid hours of hunting they finally recovered two small reflectors that
were very likely off the leather saddle bags or the mud flaps on the old Harley. . . where
they getting closer?

    It was the wife who broke open a clump of dirt she had pulled from the ground
and there laying in her hand was that very special ring! She wanted to yell out to her
husband, but the words would not come. In fact it was the was the sound of her weeping
which had told him that she had found the long lost ring.

    A family had been raised by the couple since the ring was lost. The ring survived
all those summers and winters protected by the earth in perfect shape. What did this couple
do after rejoicing over the recovered ring? They went on to finish the honeymoon they
never had. But this time. . . in a van!